New research from Harvard confirms blueberries can enhance weight loss

AUCKLAND, 18 November 2015: The arrival of New Zealand-grown blueberries this summer will be especially welcomed by people who are trying to slim down.
New research just released by Harvard University proves eating blueberries can help reduce middle-age spread. A study involving more than 133,000 adults in the United States analysed the most diet-friendly fruits and vegetables.

The results found those who ate an extra handful of blueberries each day lost more than half a kilogram over a four-year period, compared to some other fruits and vegetables which actually led to weight gain.

Blueberries are a nutrition powerhouse and contain higher antioxidant levels than just about every other fruit or vegetable.

Dan Peach, Chairman of NZ Blueberries, says this wonder food is also one of the easiest fruits for people to enjoy – simply grab a handful or throw some into smoothies, salads, baking or add them to pizza and meat dishes for an extra splash of colour and burst of flavour.

“Blueberries are always ready-to-eat and can deliver an amazing range of health benefits to people as they age,” he says.

“A diet high in antioxidants may help prevent many chronic health problems. Blueberries are often called ‘brain berries’ because they’re known to boost overall brain function, and they also promote good eyesight and improve urinary tract health.”Scientists suggest eating half a cup of blueberries each day to achieve the maximum health benefits. They will deliver much needed Vitamin C, manganese to help your body convert food into energy, and dietary fibre to assist your bowel and keep cholesterol under control.

“New Zealand-grown blueberries are one of the best foods you can eat to improve your health. And they’re simply delicious! Look for them in the supermarket in the coming weeks and enjoy plenty of them this summer.”

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